Digital Umbrella LLC

Digital Umbrella LLC

Digital Umbrella LLC

"Digital Umbrella" is a company that provides digital solutions for the automation of business processes. Our extensive experience plays a crucial role in implementing and supporting ambitious projects designed for a diverse range of users, offering effective solutions to various business problems. We believe that well-designed technological solutions can bring positive contributions to society and businesses.

Our services

  • Digital Umbrella LLC

    Software development:

    Development of software systems of arbitrary complexity using modern web and mobile technologies is one of the main specializations of our company. Developing a secure, stable, extensible, and scalable architecture and creating user-oriented interfaces are the primary points we pay attention to when designing a new information system. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to support you at all stages of the software development lifecycle, such as analysis, design, implementation, deployment, and technical support. As business requirements change over time, regular improvements in the functionality of all successful information systems become inevitable. In addition, the rapid development of information technologies creates the need to update the stack of technologies used in information systems over a certain period. You can contact our team for improvement and optimization of your existing information systems and for eliminating problems that may arise.

  • Digital Umbrella LLC

    Data engineering, analytics and reporting:

    Nowadays, it is essential to leverage the full potential of data through advanced analytics techniques. Our team of skilled data analysts employs state-of-the-art tools to uncover meaningful patterns, trends, and correlations within your datasets. Whether you need executive dashboards, financial reports, or operational analytics, we can tailor gathered reports to meet your unique requirements. Besides that, data architects work meticulously to design scalable and flexible data architectures that accommodate the diverse needs of the business. They ensure that the data warehouse is optimized for performance, security, and ease of maintenance.

  • Digital Umbrella LLC

    GIS and remote sensing:

    Our team uses modern and standard satellite image processing techniques to extract valuable information, such as land cover changes, vegetation health, and environmental trends. Additionally, our engineers can build information systems that provide valuable information on crop health, soil conditions, and water management, enabling farmers to improve productivity and promote sustainability. We integrate diverse data sets, allowing you to visualize, interpret, and analyze geographical information to make well-informed decisions.

  • Digital Umbrella LLC

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning:

    Artificial Intelligence has a wide range of applications across various industries and sectors. Our AI engineers can design and develop machine learning algorithms that address unique problems or opportunities within your organization. The team has extensive experience in computer vision applications, such as image analysis and object detection. In addition, we offer services for building custom optical character recognition algorithms that can be used to digitize paper-based information.


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